Sports injuries

Our most frequent treatments

Sport massage

The massages to relax the muscles of legs and back is one of the treatments more effective and demanded by athletes of all class.

Sprains and joint injuries

Recovering well and fast from sprains and ligamentous injuries in ankles and knees depends largely on a good physiotherapy treatment.

Muscle Injuries

Muscle ruptures may seem like a little nightmare but they heal well. The recovery time before returning to the competition is a great ally. Special mention for prevention with stretching and discharge massages.

Preventing Injuries

muscle warming

As much to prevent sprains as ruptures of ligaments and muscular fibers, we have to initiate the activity litle by litle, moving all the joints, and to begining to work the muscles at low intensity.

Stretching and Massages

If the muscles are rigid and tense they will more easily suffer muscle tear and crampsStretching a bit during warm-up, and with more intensity after the sporting activity, will keep your muscles flexible.


We see too often injuries in non-professional sports. Where matches and trainings between friends do not have stipulated breaks. They always have to be respected to avoid injuries.

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