Shoulder pain

Raise the arme freely again

some important tips


You may notice that the shoulder that hurts can lift less than the other, or that it costs you to take it back. Recovering this mobility is vital to resolving shoulder problems.

The posture

The forward head and shoulders cause a mismatch in the natural shoulder position, which leads to more suffering in the muscles and tendons.

Don´t load weight

Whether at work or at home. They can be excessive loads that make recovery difficult.

We describe one of the most frequent cases of shoulder pain.

Associated issues

Neck Pain

Our body is not separated into parts, and some of the muscles that come out of the neck and back go to shoulder structures. That is why it is very common that these problems come together.

Arm pain

Also mentioned in the section of neck pain, since in most cases that we see, this pain comes from the muscles of the neck and the part of the shoulder.

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