Back pain

“The feeling of lightness and well-being after relaxing the back is very pleasant”

How we approach it

We study your case

We study the cause of your pain, witch muscles or joints are involved in your pain.

We treat you

Different techniques of manual therapy: massage, stretching, drainage.

We advise you

We advise you to recover faster and to prevent relapses.

Types of back pain

Causes of back pain

The origin of back pain is usually the muscles, joints and nerves. And the causes are very varied, small blockages in the joints, contractures by bad postures, etc. This pain affects our mood, prevents us from concentrating on other activities and hampers our social life.
In many cases the pain remains if it´s not treated properly, and can increase. It is advisable to be treated by a Physiotherapist / Osteopath expert in this area.


A drug may camouflage the pain for a short period of time. But even if the pain subsides, the muscles and joints continue to suffer and deteriorate and if proper physiotherapy treatment is not provided, the deterioration will cause the pain to recur, with increasing frequency and severity.

Exercises and streching

As for the exercises that we can do, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis in each patient about which is the cause of the pain. An exercise that is good for one person, may not be good for another. Exercise given generically for back pain are not effective for this reason. It is best to consult a physiotherapist.

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