“It´s not a problem if I don´t have pain”

3 great truths about osteoarthritis

1. It does not have to hurt necessarily

More than half of people with osteoarthritis have no pain. They are not even aware of osteoarthritis in many cases.

2. It´s progression can be avoided

Physical activity, some nutrition tips, and treatment of joints with physical therapy will help.

3. Aging is not the cause of ostheoarthritis

The main cause of is the mechanical malfunction of the joint

Malfunction of the joint, origin of osteoarthritis.

3 good tips

The importance of walking

The articular cartilage that protects our joints is nourished thanks to the change of pressure that we do with the legs when walking.


Diets rich in fruits and vegetables compensate for metabolic acidity, and are beneficial in osteoarthritis. Also losing weight can help.


Some supplements such as collagen, magnesium and hyaluronic acid have proven their effectiveness in the medium-long term.

Causes of osteoarthritis

Malfunction of the joint

Inappropriate movement, poor position of the joints, causes excessive clutches and friction that favor wear of the joint. Excessive tension of some muscles, or being overweight also favor this process. With physical therapy we can solve some of these problems and stop the progression of osteoarthritis.

Is it always going to hurt ?

In many cases the pain is produced by tensions that we can release.We have alleviated or solved the pain of many patients.

Can it be surgically operated?

Depending on witch joint, surgery can be a good solution when osteoarthritis is already very advanced, in joints such as the knee or hip. It should be your doctor who guides you in this regard.

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